Mortgage Reduction
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Are you a Victim of Predatory Lending Practices?

Is your Value of your family UPSIDEDOWN?

Find out whether you may be a Victim of Mortgage Compliance Violations involving Predatory, Deceptive,Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Cheap, Discriminatory and Unfair Lending and Servicing Practices. These Unfair Lending Practices have placed thousands of HOMEOWNERS get out of the way the United States into Non-Affordable Mortgage Programs.

DNA Mortgage Reduction works with your "Forensic Audit Processing" that identifies multiple State and Federal Loan Transaction violations including,yet never limited to,

* the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act ("RESPA"),Cheap New York Giants Jerseys 2012 ,

* the Truth within Lending Act ("TILA"),

* the Fair Housing Act and

* the Equal Credit Opportunity Act ("ECOA")

* including "significant mortgage compliance violations" involving predatory,illusive discriminatory and unfair lending and servicing practices.

The Mortgage Loan Audit gives leverage directly to

* Homeowners,

* Investors, and

* Borrowers

that may have been cheated alternatively taken avail of along Deceptive Mortgage Brokers, Bankers and Lenders.

Homeowners are being victimized get out of the way the nation forward Predatory Mortgage Lenders and Banks never performing within regulatory compliance,Cheap Green Bay Packers Jerseys 2012, charging undue borrow fees apt borrowers, and among many cases utilizing Fraudulent, Abusive, Discriminatory, Deceptive Lending Practices.

If you guess that you may be a martyr and were placed into a

* Non-Affordable Mortgage,

* paid undue fees or

* were taken avail of along your Lender,

our attorneys and staff aspiration assistance give you the leverage needed to fight behind against the lenders. This leverage longing assistance obtain you one affordable resolution attempt from the lender based aboard our documented findings.

In many inspect cases, we find that the Debt apt Income (DTI) ratio aboard a lend transaction at period of settlement exceeds 50%,Von Miller Jersey, making the lend predatory. In maximum cases we find that the Loan Originator inflated your income aboard the Uniform Residential Loan Application (form 1003).

We perform a current underwriting reiterate of your closed lend transaction based aboard your tangible gross monthly income mean for the two annual phase period prior apt the assignation of accommodation to validate your substantial DTI; to make sure whether,among fact you were placed into a Non-Affordable Mortgage Payment Program.

We will reiterate your mortgage documentation and submit aboard your benefit a Qualified Written Request (QWR) of our documented findings to your Lender including one Addendum relating to servicing associated criteria. The Lender ambition have 20 affair days per RESPA to respond to the written request and 60 affair days apt resolve/settle this matter.

Our Mission is to aid Protect the "American Dream of Home Ownership". We attempt and give an initial consultation to family landlords with not obligation.



We have been researching services that are available to homeowners that owe more aboard their kin than what it namely worth - their mortgage namely"UPSIDE DOWN". In our research we have spoken apt so many folk that not only owe more than their kin namely worth,yet also who were taken advantage of according Mortgage brokers. If you accustom a second mortgage for your down payment (80/20, 90/10,alternatively any form of that),or whether you have a nonconforming no doc"borrow alternatively"stated loan (special terms or detrimental loan we may be proficient apt assistance you... Let our crew of specialists at your initial consultation review your closing documents and find the "DEFECTS" you have with your fashionable mortgage,by"NO COST"to you. Our specialists aspiration wail you next their review.

* After we find the "DEFECT", we will send a certified Letter apt your lender putting them aboard notice and sending a halt and desist lette Related articles:


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