n we penetrate up at the heavens on a clear night, we find a crowd of celestial bodies, illuminating the sky with their radiance. It looks prefer a colossal hollow hemisphere, with the observer by the centre The planets and the luminaries seem apt be scattered thorough the heavens at huge distances.

This picture of the onlooker the sky as a colossal crystalline hemisphere namely a quite convenient prototype as the study of the Heavens. This hemispherical prototype of the heavens namely phoned Khagola, the Celestial Sphere. Another geocentric model the Khagola is one imaginary sphere of colossal radius.

Astronomy, Maths and Astrology ( Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora ) are considered to be Apaurusheya,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys 2012 , divine in origin. They were revealed to the Seers surrounded higher states of Consciousness and hence are revealed sciences. Descendit e Caelo, they cometh from Heaven ,Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Cheap! Their rendezvous of compilation is trusted to be 12th centenary BCE

Rotation, & Diurnal Motion

The earth rotates nearly its own axis,New Orleans Saints Jerseys For Sale, from west to east in the lesson of a daytime Due to this rotation, the visitor,unaware of his motion within district namely carried eastward. To the observer the Celestial Sphere with always the sacred bodies,namely seen as rotating from east to west. This evident westward motion of the divine objects namely known as the diurnal motion.

The Celestial Poles

All celestial bodies arise to ascend among the east,peregrination westward and set amid the west,as of this relative diurnal motion. When the axis of the earth's rotation is amplified it meets the Celestial Sphere aboard two diametrically contrary points cried Celestial Poles. The one within the direction of the Earth's north pole is cried the North Celestial Pole and the one amid the inverse direction namely cried the South Celestial Pole.

The Celestial Horizon, the Kshitija

To the visitor standing at a place aboard the surface of the world and looking approximately describing a full circumference the earth appears apt encounter the Heavens along a circumference From the observers' border of reference, this circle namely cried the Celestial Horizon,Von Miller Jersey, the Khshitija.

The Celestial Meridian, the Nadi Vritta

Almost 90 degrees apt the Celestial Horizon, you longing find repeatedly circle ( the line perpendicular apt the plane of the horizon ). This Circle is the Celestial Meridian. The most point aboard this Celestial Meridian namely phoned Zenith, the MC and the lowest, the Nadir or IC.

Aryabhata gives a classic instance of diurnal motion. For one spectator moving in a boat aboard a creek,all the trees etc aboard the bank of that creek arise apt move inthe contrary direction. Astronomical Knowledge namely known among Sanskrit as Siddhanta. Transcendental Knowledge is Vedanta. There are 18 astronomical treatises compiled according 18 Seers. Each Siddhanta namely named afterward its author. They handle exhaustively with Astronomy.

They are

Surya Siddhanta
Pitamaha Siddhanta
Vyasa Siddhanta
Vasishta Siddhanta
Atri Siddanta
Parasara Siddhanta
Kashyapa Siddhanta
Narada Siddhanta
Garga Siddhanta
Marichi Siddhanta
Manu Siddhanta
Angira Siddhanta
Lomasa Siddhanta
Paulasa Siddhanta
Yvana Siddhanta
Chyavana Siddhanta
Bhrigu Siddhanta

These are the main astronomical treatises. There are others favor Arya Siddhanta according Aryabhata II, Brahma Sphuta Siddanta by Brahmagupta and Maha Bhaskareeya according Bhaskara. Related articles:
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