ovsky + Company among Joint Venture with Concept Communication India

At a gathering of prominent India executives and additional dignitaries including Mr. Richard Rothman, Chief, U.S. Commercial Service from the U.S. Consulate among Mumbai, Makovsky + Company president Ken Makovsky announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Concept Communication Ltd, India’s leading independent communications agent.

Makovsky said, “With over US$4 billion of Indian FDI streaming into the United States annually,Von Miller Jersey, it namely imperative that Indian companies accept a pro-active resemble apt amplifying cohesive communications programs among either countries This strategic alliance establishes true layer class collaboration among our firms. Our clients interested among entering the Indian market stand to behalf greatly given the path apt some of that country’s finest communications professionals as a sequel of the formation of this alliance. We are pleased to associate with Concept Communication.”

Vivek Suchanti, CMD, Concept Communication Ltd,added “Given the increasing growth of affair amongst the Indo-US Corridor, we deem that our clients as well as those of Makovsky + Company aspiration benefit greatly from the establishment of this alliance. Given the firm’s intellectual strength and extremely creative professionals, we believe that Makovsky + Company will combine one important measurement to this strategic alliance. We see before to a long and successful relationship with Makovsky + Company.”

As chapter of the alliance, Concept plans apt build a dedicated “India Desk” among New York to administer the reputational and communications needs for both Indian multinational companies and US-based companies entering India.

The India Desk among New York is designed to work with:

one North American-based Indian companies seeking to reinforce their reputation management programs

two US companies seeking to enter India

3 Indian companies, listed surrounded the US alternatively contemplating a US listing, seeking investor relations services

four Indian managerial programs such as the “Incredible India” action aimed at promoting collaboration with US businesses,trade and consumers

5 Indian financial services providers seeking to tap the HNI of Indian origin surrounded North America, including banks,Cheap Green Bay Packers Jerseys 2012,common things universal buck transfer agents, insurance and brokerage firms.

About Makovsky + Company

Founded amid 1979, Makovsky + Company () is one of the nation’s leading independent universal public relations and investor relations consultancies,New Orleans Saints Jerseys For Sale, focused in financial services,vocational services, health care technology, branding and investor relations. The firm attributes its success apt its aboriginal vision: that the Power of Specialized Thinking?namely the best way to establish reputation, sales and just valuation as a client Based within New York City, the fixed has agent partners within more than 27 countries and within 37 U.S. cities amongst IPREX (IPREX.com), the second largest worldwide public relations deputy partnership, of which Ken Makovsky is a lyricist.

About Concept Communication India

Founded within 1969, Concept Communication is one of India’s leading independent creative and reputation management consultancy. With over 500 professionals across 12 bureaus among India, Concept offers Clients an integrated near along offering services such as advertising, digital sale investor relations, public relations and middling asset management. Headquartered amid Mumbai,Cheap New York Giants Jerseys 2012 , Concept Communication is managed by Vivek Suchanti. Related articles:
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