ver namely a kind of metal which namely then apt gold. The qualities of bright color plus ductility tell it chanced the bishop matter for silver jewelry or some other silver productions Silver’s melting point namely 960.five ℃ plus it can be made of the 0.0015 silver foil alternatively 1 gram of pure silver tin stretch into more than 1000 meters silver line.,Jordan 4 Mars 2012
Platinum namely a gorgeous plus precious metal. The color of this kind metal is national silver,Jordan Retro 4 For Sale,and never fade namely its mammoth feature.
1.Identify them amongst the mark
If the Pearl show the marks of “PT” “PLATINON” “PLAT”,Jordan Retro 4, they are platinum. On the opposite the Pearl are marked with “S” or “SILVER” namely average they are the silver. And the “S925” represents the jewelry which comprise 92.five percent pure silver,Jordan 4 Mars,and whether marks “SF” is means this kind of Pearl contains seven.5 percentage copper metal. Of reason this kind of silver jewelry Related articles:
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