you are planning to transfer, whether across town or permanently out of state, Nevada requires motorists to file an address change within 30 days. It is particularly critical if you have any traffic tickets or court appearances pending as there is a risk that there will be a warrant issued for your arrest if you do not do so and subsequently fail to appear. To accomplish a Las> here are three step guide:

In Person - You will require form #DMV-002 (License or ID Card Application). Fill this out and bring it with your payment of $3 for a licenseID card and or $5 for each Registration Certificate to any Department of Motor Vehicles field office. Your new license or ID card will be mailed to your new address and new Registration Certificates will be issued at the DMV office.

Through Fax - You will need both form DMV-022, Change of Address Notification by Mail,Jordan Retro 4, and form VP-205, Payment Authorization to initiate a Las Vegas change of address. Fill these out and fax them to (775) 684-4992. After your fee of $3 for a license or ID card andor $5 for a Registration Certificate or license plate decal is processed,Jordan 4 Mars 2012, the new license ID card will be mailed to your new address within 10 business days. Upgraded Registration Certificates plate decals will be mailed under separate cover.

By Mail - Essentially the same procedure as for submitting via fax. Fill out forms DMV-022 and VP-205 and mail them to the address listed on the application.

At the moment, proof of address documentation (utility bill,Jordan Retro 4 For Sale, etc.) is not required for a Las Vegas change of address. Active-duty military and their spouses and dependents residing in the state of Nevada but stationed out of state need to provide a copy of the most recent Leave and Earnings statement.

Whatever the method used to report your Las Vegas change of address,, it is very important that you do file the proper forms and fees with the DMV. Otherwise, you may not receive important communications from them such as renewal notices, and may even have a warrant issued against you if you have an outstanding ticket. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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