nklin Delano Roosevelt was born in 1882 into an extremely wealthy family. We’re talking townhouse in Hyde Park,Jordan Retro 4 For Sale, summer home in Maine, private railroad car wealthy. Contrary to what you might expect, however, his upbringing was extremely disciplined. As a child he had a strict daily routine,Jordan 4 Mars, private tutoring, and intensive French and German lessons. In a deliciously ironic twist, the Roosevelts moved to Germany when Franklin was nine. Little did his teachers know that they were training the boy whose military would conquer their country just 54 years later.

Franklin met Eleanor Roosevelt while attending Harvard in 1902. In case you didn’t catch it the first time, that’s Eleanor neé Roosevelt, his fifth cousin twice removed. At their wedding ceremony three years later,Jordan 6 7 Gold Medal Pack, Franklin’s uncle Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t help but remark, “Well, Franklin, there’s nothing like keeping the name in the family.” Franklin wasn’t as good at keeping other things in the family, however, and in 1916, he began an affair with a woman named Lucy Mercy that almost ended his marriage. Although the Roosevelts agreed not to divorce, the betrayal was never forgotten and caused the two to lead romantically separate lives.

After Harvard, Roosevelt was accepted to Columbia Law School, where he socialized often, worked seldom, and displayed “little aptitude for the law,www.jordanmars4.com,” according to his professors. After two years, he simply took the bar exam, passed, and dropped out of school. He was ready to embark on a path to the presidency, which, as he saw it, would be as easy as a) winning a seat in the State Assembly, b) getting appointed as Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, c) becoming governor of New York, and d) captivating the hearts and minds of at least half of the American voting public in a presidential election. Scarily enough, this is almost exactly what happened.

In 1921, while fulfilling his appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Roosevelt contracted a paralytic illness that was then believed to be polio (but is now thought to have been Guillain-Barré). Roosevelt kept a low profile for the next eight years but refused to let his condition interrupt the larger plan. Eleanor encouraged him to return to the limelight and even made appearances on his behalf to gauge the level of public support. In 1929, Roosevelt became governor of New York and by 1932

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